Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wild Women: Marie Colvin

Princesses and pirates aside, researching women in patches brought me to Marie Colvin.  Ms. Colvin, and American born reporter for The Sunday Times, is a real, live action hero- reporting from the front lines in conflicts worldwide.  Her courage, regardless of her ocular status, inspires me.  To note she has one eye feels superficial, its certainly not a central theme of her story. 

Take a look at the titles of her articles--perhaps you've read a few?

Check out this video featuring Ms. Colvin on the dangers of correspondents, the loss of her eye, and her efforts to bring to light an unreported humanitarian disaster.  She poses the rhetorical question: is it worth the cost?  "I felt that risk was worth it."

Sunday Mirror article on eembedded journalists (top photo credit)


  1. RIP Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik. killed today in syria

  2. It's a shame she is dead now.


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