Wednesday, March 30, 2011

La Mujer Salvaje: Sonia Velasquez

Here's another remarkable "Wild Woman" in the media, though I may need a translator.  Sonia Velasquez,  originally from Colombia, refers to herself as a philanthropic journalist and a social activist: "I make a TV segment to create social awareness showing the initiatives that are making a difference in different parts of the world." 

In her own words (Source: Creative Caribbean Network):

I currently produce and present the radio show "Uniendo Mundos" "Bridging Worlds" aired on Caracol Radio Miami 1260 AM every Wednesday at 1:30 PM interviewing people who work to alleviate the pain of others.

In 2010 I produced the lifestyle series 'Dolce Vita a lo latino' TV Show, an adventure with the spirit of the Latin people building their dreams and changing the world. Stories with style and intensity presented with action, surprises and more. 'Dolce Vita a lo latino' was broadcasted in HolaVision, 12.2 digital in Palm Beach, USA.

As a Colombian journalist I am devoted to helping others. I am a peace activist who advocates for a fair world working from social media using video as a tool to express my vision.

While I saw no reference to personal information (such as any damage to her left eye), it's clear she embraces a patch lifestyle.  Seems like an understatement, she OWNS it!

Check out her cute logo:

I did see a testimonial add on the Eye Patch Store website, so if you'd like to order a similar black patch, she claims they're the most comfortable.  

From her website:

From YouTube:

Ellie likes this one because it has horses:

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  1. I am her biggest fan!

  2. I love Sonia Velasquez! I had to wear a patch for a while & seeing Sonia's videos made me feel so much more confident about it. I think I read somewhere that she suffers from double vision so has to keep that eye covered up. I found wearing a patch all the time really uncomfortable so I'm sure she'd rather not have to wear it but she's not let it hold her back & manages to look so beautiful and acts like the patch is completely natural. Plus watching her show's really improved my Spanish!

  3. Hi guys, you are so amazing. I just want to explain: I lost my eye in the middle of a fight my parents had when I was almost two, was an accident..... anyway everything happens for a reason.... after all I am not sure if was a good idea wearing an eye patch.... some people just have a kind of rejection on day to day activities, so getting a job is not that easy when people expect to have someone 'normal' at work..... for TV is a challenge too.... almost everyone is afraid to have an eyepatch anchor..... said this, I am happy as long as my history serves to help other people to feel better..... I am trying to be as honest as I can.... it is hard having an eyepatch but for us there are not too many options so is better to embrace it. I love you guys.

    1. I saw you on tv, and I looked for an answer in the net. It´s nice to know tou´re brave to speak of the patch, and to speak of the people rejection.

  4. Thanks for your comment! It really gets at the heart of the blog, advocacy and celebration of life. Thank you for being a positive role model, beautiful both inside and out!

  5. Hi Sonia. I posted on here earlier to say you'd inspired me & just noticed you'd commented. I've had more trouble with my eye & am back to wearing a patch. It's going to be a more permanent thing this time so I'm looking at getting some of the designer ones. Don't know if you'll get chance to read this but I'll ask anyway. How comfortable are the patches from the EyePatch Store? I hate the feeling of having my eye covered up all the time & the strap round my head's really annoying as well. Is it something you just get used to? I like the leather/ suede type patches I've seen you wearing- I'd be tempted to get one if I wasn't going to be too uncomfortable in it so how do they feel to wear? I'm going to try a couple of different colors as well- the black ones look really good on you but I think I might suit some of the lighter colored ones. Like you say if I have to wear one I might as well embrace it & turn it into a fashion accessory.

    1. Hi Lisa, Deb Allen (from the Eyepacth store) designs very comfortable EP.
      The first ones I wore and made by myself, were not as comfy. Many years passed before I accustomed to wear it. Please keep me posted at all the best for you.

  6. Hi Sonia,
    Just wana tell ya that we share the same name:-)
    My name is Verian Sonia Velasquez.


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